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The Down Inn, Ludlow Road, Bridgnorth, Shropshire, WV166UA. 01746789539

The Down Inn Access Statement

The Down Inn is approximately 3 miles from Bridgnorth town centre. In the Countryside, surrounded by farmlands. The Down Inn has 9 en-suite Double Bedrooms. Eight rooms are on the first floor. The ninth room is on the ground floor. The ground floor bedroom has a walk-in wet room. The ground floor room is accessed via the reception door or the main entrance door. (Reception door is unlocked on request) if you have any questions or queries or require assistance please phone


There are Buses available from Bridgnorth to Ludlow. 141/143 Ludlow, Middleton, Ditton pirors, Bridgnorth. Stopping outside of The Down Inn on request) see below for time table. The Down Inn is situated on the main Bridgnorth to Ludlow road, it is a very fast busy road, with no foot paths, just grass verges.

141 Ludlow – Bridgnorth via Ditton Priors 143 Ludlow – Stottesdon via Bitterley Timetable commences 1st September 2014 :: R&B Travel :: Monday to Friday Sch – Schooldays Only Service No:

141 143 Service No: 143 141 Notes: Sch Sch Notes: Sch Sch Ludlow CE School .. 1540 Bridgnorth, Innage Lane Car Park .. 1515 Ludlow, Castle Square, New Box Office 0725 1550 Bridgnorth, Harp Inn.. 1520 Angelbank, Bitterley Turn | 1600 The Down, opp Down Inn .. 1528 Bitterley, Church | 1605 Neenton, opp Church .. 1536 Middleton 0733 | Stottesdon, The Square 0742 | Roundthorn 0736 | Cleobury North, Church 0752 1538 Stoke Mill Turn 0738 1610 Ditton Priors, opp Industrial Estate | 1544 Cleedownton, opp Nursery 0740 1614 Wrickton Turn | 1550 Wheathill, Three Horseshoes 0743 1618 Burwarton, Bus Shelter 0759 1557 Burwarton, opp Bus Shelter 0748 1623 Wheathill, Three Horseshoes Inn 0804 1601 Wrickton Turn 0752 | Cleedownton, Nursery 0808 1603 Ditton Priors, Industrial Estate 0806 | Stoke Mill Turn 0812 1605 Cleobury North, opp Church 0812 1630 Roundthorn | 1607 Stottesdon, Fighting Cocks Inn | 1640 Middleton | 1608 Neenton, Church 0814 .. Bitterley, Church 0818 | The Down Inn 0822 .. Angelbank, Bitterley Turn 0822 | Bridgnorth, Innage Lane Car Park 0840 .. Ludlow CE School 0835 | Bridgnorth, Harp Inn 0842 .. Ludlow, Castle Sq, Ne

There are also many Taxi companies in Bridgnorth:

ATR 01746 76900

Bridgnorth Taxis 01746 765000

Coops cars 07794086921

These are to name only a few.

The Down Inn is approximately 14 miles to Telford Train station, and approximately 14 miles to Wolverhampton Train Station.


The Down Inn has two carpark’s. The first one has spaces for 20 cars and is approximately 5 meters away from the main door to The Down Inn. The first car park is a mixture of uneven tarmac and gravel. The second carpark is accessed via a drive way that goes up the side of The Down Inn, to the back of The Down Inn, this car park has spaces for approximately 120 cars, this carpark is also a mixture of uneven tarmac and gravel. This car park is approximately 10 meters from the main entrance. There are no steps from the carpark to the main entrance, just a slight slope.

IMG_1068 large car park

This is the large car park

IMG_1065 carpark arch way

This is the small carpark

IMG_1064 main entrance

Main entrance door

IMG_1066 reception door no2

Reception door

The door opening is approximately 54 inches wide, and has a access ramp. The main entrance brings you into the bar/ dining area of the Down inn, it is all on one level, no steps into the bar, the bar has short pile patterned carpet, with uneven slate tiles in front of the bar.

IMG_1062  bar carpet and tiles

Carpet and tiles in front of the bar.

The bar and dining area have tables and chairs, which are positioned with plenty of room in-between to walk around easily, there is a mixture of chairs, some with arm rests some without, some bench style seats. The bar area is well lit with wall lights and some celling spot lights.

Ground floor bedroom

The most accessible bedroom is our ground floor room, room 9. Accessed via the reception door which is 200 inches from door to door, or the main entrance door which is 855 inches from door to door. Room 9 has a raised silver number 9 on the front of the door. The opening of the door is 29inches wide. All the furniture in this room can be moved. We can remove any furniture on request. This room has a double bed, the height of the bed from the floor to the top of the mattress is 24 inches. The room is well lit with a central ceiling light and wall lights, and a bed side lamp on the bed side table. The walls and the carpet are light in colour and similar. The wardrobe is a double wardrobe that has plenty of room, and lights up when you open the doors, very spacious, very light.

The bedding is feather duvet and feather pillows, non-allergenic bedding is available on request. The TV is situated on the wall opposite the bed, the TV can have subtitles, there are no TV instructions in the room, but help is on hand if requested. The telephone is situated next to the bed on the bedside table, there are instructions for setting an alarm call on the telephone in the guest information folder, assistance on request if help is needed.


Room 9, ground floor room.


Walk in wet room in room 9


Room 9’s bath room

The bathroom / walk-in wet room is en-suit in room 9, there are no steps into the bathroom. The door opening is 29 inches wide. The shower area has two hand rails, and a removable stool, there is a shelf for shower toiletries. The shower has a removable shower curtain. The WC is 19 inches from the floor to the toilet seat. There is a movable hand rail, and a fixed hand rail by the WC. The sink has lever taps. There is no pedestal under the sink, it has a clear space. The sink is 29 inches from the floor to the sink. The bath room is well lit with celling light and has a fluorescent tube shaving light.

The walls are a mixture of light brown tiles and cream paint, the non-slip flooring is slightly darker than the tiles, but not a big colour contrast. White fluffy hand towels and bath towels are provided, along with soap, shampoo and shower gel.

Hall, Stairs and Landing

The hall, stairs and landing are accessed from the bar, and the large carpark. They are well lit with a mixture of wall and ceiling lights. There are 12 steep carpeted step internally, that curve round, with a hand rail. There are 7 external metal steps. The metal steps are accessed from the large carpark at the back of the Down Inn. The carpet is a pale cream coloured short pile carpet. Very little colour contrast between the walls and carpet.

Bar and dining

The Bar and dining area has a short plie patterned carpet, with an uneven tiled area just in front of the bar. There is only one step in the bar, this is 2.5 inches high and is situated at the left of the bar (when facing the bar) only used when going to our Carvery. The bar is well lit with a mixture of wall lights and spot lights, and large bay windows. All the tables are free standing tables, with plenty of room between each one, all tables are removable. The chairs are a mixture of cottage style chairs some with arms some without, the bay windows have curved bench style seat, under the windows.




Public toilets

The toilets are situated just through the main front door. All on the same level. The doors into the toilets are 29 inches wide, the ladies has two toilets, and a sink. The gents has one toilet two urinals and a sink. By the reception door is a public disabled toilet, this door is also 29 inches wide, and there is both fixed and movable hand rails either side of the toilet. The sink has lever style taps, with no pedestal under the sink. All toilets are well lit. This toilet also has an emergency pull cord for assistance


At the front of the building is a grassed area with wooden benches, to access this area you have to cross the uneven gravel drive. The path is also slightly uneven and gravely.


Additional information

In all our bedrooms we have a fire safety route plan. Assistance guide dogs are very welcome. The nearest hospital to the Down Inn is 3 miles away in Bridgnorth, also in Bridgnorth next to the hospital is a doctor’s surgery. The contact number for Bridgnorth hospital is 01746 762641 the post code is WV164eu. Bridgnorth Doctors contact number is 01746767121, post code WV164EN. Out of hours Shrop Doc 03332226655.

The Down Inn has free WIFI in all the bedrooms and public areas. The Down in is situated very close to many wonderful attractions. We have an information stand giving plenty of choices like:

The Severn Valley Railway, approximately 3 miles away.

Ironbridge Gorge Museum approximately 12 miles away

RAF Cosford Air Museum approximately 15 miles away, postcode TF118UP

Acton Scott working farm approximately 21 miles away SY66QN.

The Down inn has a mobile Loop system for use on request.

The Down Inn, Ludlow Road, Bridgnorth, Shropshire Wv16 6ua. 01746 789539. Email: